Questionnaire For Prospective Springer Spaniel Puppy Parents

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Please answer all questions as completely as possible.



Phone #

E-mail address:

Spouse's name: Age:

Children or other home occupants:

How did you hear about  us?

Does anyone in your household have pet allergies?

Are there currently any other animals in the residence?

How many, type and are they spayed/neutered?

Have you had pets in the past?
If yes, what kind and when?

When would you like to add a new addition?

Please describe your household's living conditions. (ie, house, apartment, fenced yard, rural area, etc.)

Do you own or rent ?

Do you have any pet restrictions at your residence?

How long at current residence?

Do you plan on relocating in the near future?

Who is going to the primary responsible caregiver?

How many hours a day will the pet be left alone?

When left alone, where will he/she be kept?

Have you consulted with a Veterinarian, regarding your choice of pet and/or breed?

Have you chosen a Veterinarian, who you will use for routine and emergency medical care?

If yes, who?      Name:        Phone #

Are you interested in showing, or having your Springer shown?

Do you plan on using your pet for breeding purposes?

If no, are you willing to have your veterinarian provide the seller with verification of the spay/neuter process?

Do you prefer a Male or Female, or are you open to either gender?:

Which color(s) do you prefer, in order of preference?
black & white:
liver & white:
black & white tri:
liver & white tri:
no preference:

What are the important qualities that you are looking for in a Springer Spaniel?

Are you financially prepared to properly support a new pet?

Should you no longer be willing/able to provide care for one of our Springers, do you agree to return to breeder (required)?

Have you ever been involved in housebreaking and/or crate training a young puppy in the past?

Do you expect to use this pet in any form of competition?
If so, what type of competition?

Have you ever taken an organized training class for any of your pets? What kind and type?

Please provide the name, and phone number, of at least 2 personal references. Please include your relationship with them, and how long you have known them.

Feel free to include anything else that would make you an exceptional home for one of our Springers.