Planned Breedings:
Olivia x Jack
The waiting list is open for summer 2020 puppies! Pet puppies are placed with limited AKC registration. Males and Female pups are $1,500.

Please contact us if you may be interested in adding a Starlet Springer puppy to your family. We are taking questionnaires/applications to be on our waiting list. 
OFA Hips Good - Elbows: Normal - Eye CAER/CERF: Normal


GCHG Cerise Celtic Thunder

Ch Felicity's Johnny Angel

CH Cedarwood's Storm Watch

CH Serenade's Storm Warning

Cedarwood's irresistable

CH Rendition Autumfire Poppy

CH Autumfire Reign

Embur Autumfire Rendition

CH Cerise Spectacular View

CH Telltale Wing Commander

CH Telltale Castle Rock NA

CH Telltale Indian Maid

CH Cerise Point Of View

CH Salilyn's Condor

CH Cerise's Jubilee Royale

CH Streamline's Bonaroo Bound

CH Wil-Orion's Northern Exposure

CH Ridgewyn Legacy

CH Showtime's Going Formal

Ridgewyn's I Do Declare

CH Wil-Orion's Eldamar Twilight

CH Good-Will Genuwin Remarque

CH Eldamar's Morning Star

CH Streamline's Forever Young

CH Wil-Orion's Heartbreaker

CH Wil-Orion's Fanta C

CH Wil-Orion's Prize Posession

CH Streamline's Celebration

CH Showtime's Rolling Stone

CH Birchwood's Garden Menagerie CGC

Starlet's Midnite SuperNova

GCH Brownwell Tell Me More

GCH Cerise Kay N Dee's Return Of The King CD BN RA JH

CH Salilyn's Condor

CH Salilyn's Dynasty

CH Salilyn's Emblem

CH Cerise's Jubilee Royale

CH Southhampton Jasmine Afirmed

Sierra's Femme Fatale

Almodington Worth It All

CH Sandyhill The Sandman

Ch Serenade's Storm Warning

CH Telltale Snapshot

Almodington Black Eyed Susan

CH Telltale Castle Rock NA

Almodington Insley's Diva

CH Pawmarc's Northern Lights

CH Springbrook Tagalongmyownmagic

CH Esspecial Madison Ave

CH Springbrook's Christmas Magic

CH Pawmarc's Neon Highlights

CH Carousel Silverhill Ante Up

CH Dalin's Special Pawmarc

CH Foxboro 'n Siobahn's Luna

CH Springbrook's Black Magic

CH Tiffany's You've Been Warned

CH Springbrook's Christmas Magic

CH Pembroke La Vida Loca

CH Jasmine's Don't Look Back

CH Pembroke Night Music


Bellamy Ashwyn Blues Brothers

CH Telltale Play Write

CH Telltale Freestyle

CH Telltale Davey Jones

CH Telltale Lotto

Prize's Obsession

CH Prize's Love of The Game

CH Kings Row Tara Raindance

CH Ashwyn's Mama Mia!

CH Designer's Jameson

CH Felicity's Diamond Jim CD RAE

CH Bluebell's Designer Cinnamon

CH Ashwyn Aspn Kensngton Esprit

CH Kensington's Bounty

CH Aspen's Ashwyn Adventure

Brownwell Quinn Of Bluegate

Venetian Lord Byron

CH Aldwyn's Poet Laureate

CH Venetian Iris

Venetian Copper Foil

CH Venetian Maximum Prophecy

Venetian Touch of Copper JH

Brownwell Merry Belle

CH Kay N Dee Just The Beginning

GCH Cerise Kay N Dee's Return Of The King CD BN RA JH

Kay N Dee's Picturesque Panda

Almodington Worth It All

CH Sandyhill The Sandman

Almodington Black Eyed Susan